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Focused. Integrated. Applicable.


                                                                        Our program’s main goal is to provide career advancement opportunities for adults through 

                                                                 practical and carefully crafted experiential training programs. Since our establishment, our

                                                                              reputation has grown as our students go on to become knowledgeable professionals in their field.
                                                                 Through engaging and hands-on educational opportunities, Nuno Antonio Ramos Vinhas 

                                                                               continuously cultivates future industry leaders and was appointed STEM AMBASSADOR. If this                                                                                      is what you’re looking  for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more about how easy is                to make a dream come true and see what we have to offer.

Nuno Antonio Ramos Vinhas has over 44 years of experience in teaching and strategic management having worked in various electronics and  teaching institutions. He started his career in electronics in 1970 and was appointed as supervisor of the test department and subsequently worked with Daval and Sons testing equipment to MoD, CAA, and LT  standards, ranging from London Underground consoles to avionics.

Subsequently, he served as Telecommunications/Biomedical electronics manager with Diamang in Angola (Africa). Later he joined ITT Commercial Cable Co., as senior computer engineer and went on  to work in the computer maintenance industry until 2009.

After graduating in education from Edge Hill and London Metropolitan universities, he joined Southwark college as ICT/IT Skills teacher and proceeded to teach in many further education colleges.

He was appointed in 2004 as the coordinator for the CCP in London (Conselho das Comunidades Portuguesas)  Portuguese Government's consultative body for policies relating to Portuguese communities abroad.

Also he has been the President and Vice President of the Anglo Paraguayan Society (London) for a number of years. He worked in the voluntary sector with several organisations. He made this institutions active and vibrant for which he received the recognition  and support of Edge Hill University and IET (E&T) 

He holds the membership of the following social bodies:

1- Member of the Chartered College of Teaching MCCT

2 - Member of the Society of Education & Training MSET QTLS

3 - Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology Eng.Tech. MIET   

4  - Member of the British Computer Society. MBCS 

5 - Licentiaship of the City & Guilds London Institute. LCGLI                            


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